Wednesday, June 9, 2010

These perfect Summer days....

I'm love-sick for Austin, and so busy at work this week.

This weekend we have a music festival, and some serious work in the backyard farming front. I have already had to start picking my jalapenos, sweet banana peppers, and tomatoes on a daily basis. My sunflowers have reached the top of our 6 foot fence, and there are potatoes to be dug up.

Tomorrow, my beautiful linen hammock is arriving at my door. Thank you, dear husband.

Is it too early to start daydreaming about the weekend?

What are your plans, friends?


Samantha S said...

I have got tickets for my boys and I to go to the Forest of Fables puppet show in the woods on Saturday. There is a puppet workshop first, where the kids can make puppets from newspaper and masking tape, which can then be part of the show. The show is based on Aesops fables, and its all performed outside in the woods. (I hope the weather stays fine, we have had alot of rain this week.)

siniann said...

Beautiful hat again! And you are such a beautiful girl.

I was looking something like that, or cloche hat last winter but couldnt find any.. And my head is so small, that adults smallest size is way too big for me.. kids hats fits, but I don't want flowers and bumblebees ;)

My weekend is about riding, going to a costume party and playing poker in 20´s outfit and hopefully loads of sun :) and I have some work to do too.

By the way, your project looks so nice, what you are making? :)

Katy said...

Beautiful - we are in winter here so I love being able to get a glimpse of summer xx

Archer said...

Just found your blog. You are so sweet and cute. Love your Persian family.

Ariella said...


Anonymous said...

I graduate from college on Saturday. So tomorrow will be filled with nostalgia and good friends who have journeyed through college with me as we decorate our graduation caps. :)

Paula said...

I know that love-sick for Austin feeling; I too have it. The hustle-bustle, the food, the music, and the vibe. I dream to leave this place and start a new there. Someday...

Love your blog.. Check in regularly.

Wishful Home said...

I so wish our usual summer weather was coming to town. We have had some history breaking torrential downpours and thunder storms; something we don't usually get this time of year.

And this weekend looks like picnic matter the weather!

sam p said...

Alright, now I'm leaving comments all over the place -- but just trying to make sure you see my email:

and on to this most recent post: plans for the weekend... hopefully a whole lot of nothing! :-) relaxing is the best. ;-)

Ashley said...

I just found your blog through a link you posted to my site. I think I'm in love ;) I LOVE your photos, style, inspiration, copyright, everything.... I'll be back often. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.


P.S. Thanks for linking to my post for your peace sign. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your floppy straw hat and your style, in general. I loved when you tied a scarf around the hat.

Mind if I ask where you bought it?

Vivienne and Babette said...

I had found this great idea to display vintage jewelry...your photo reminded me of it. I bet you could come up with a better version since you are so creative :)

And this one for organizing earrings...

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

p.s. YAY the rug! ox

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I love the idea of an outdoor studio but I feel your pain with the heat. We have been using our front porch like it's an extension of our home since the first bit of spring broke but now it seems to hot out, the air is thick and uncomfortable.

I love that mower and the fact that you use it!

Yay for your garden. I forgot to mention/tell you before we've sprung about 15 tomatoes, we have over 10 peppers, tons of herbs and the pumpkin plant is slowly taking over the yard. Thank you for the inspiration.

This weekend will be spent either kayaking or catching up on cleaning and laundry (I've started a new workout routine and it doesn't leave much time for chores).

Happy Weekend girlie - it's almost here!

Aura said...

Samantha- That sounds so, SO amazing. I would love to do things like that when we have kids. What a sweet Mama, you are :)

Sini- That you, darling. This hat is actually an Estate Sale find. It belonged to an old man that is dead, now. It's kind of odd, but I find some strange sense of accomplishment in knowing when belongings live on in a new home.
What will you be riding?
I was working on some little hair clips!

Katy- I have a few Australian blog friends, and I was so jealous this winter when they were on the beach! I love being connected to people all over the world.

Mint Julep- Thank you :) They're pretty cute.

Day by Snap- CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to start on a new journey in life. How wonderful.

Paula- Oh girl, tell me about it. I am the girl staring off into space, sighing at every thought of that amazing Austin vibe. See you there, one day? :)

Wishful Home- A rainy day can always turn into a little roadtrip with a picnic in the car! We had those crazy downpours last year, I swear it rained for three weeks straight at the start of Summer.

Sam- A whole lot of nothing sounds great. And I forwarded your email to Lisa! You should hear from her, soon.

Ashley- Thanks, girl! You have some pretty amazing tutorials.

Anonymous- The hat is a Target special, $12.99 :) I see them everywhere, though. Actually I just bought a smaller one at Wal-Mart for like $6!

Vivienne- Thanks for the link! Very cute. I have so so many dangly earrings, and need a good way to organize them. It's on my list of ten thousand things to get done :)

Kelly- Have you looked into a mister system? We got one last Summer.
The mower is's SO much work! It took me over an hour to mow the yard with it!! But I love that it's doesn't use any gas, make any noise, and that it's just plain old fashioned.
Good for you on that garden! Eating something you have grown is such a sense of accomplishment.
I'm jealous of that kayak :)

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

If I could transport you guys here we'd totally take you kayaking, but I have yet to make my teleporter work!

I bet you got quite an upper and lower body workout from that mower! I'm sort of jealous of that, sort of. ;)

A mister would be great - we are considering getting a ceiling fan out there to help circulate the air a bit. Originally I wanted to put up pretty white drapes/curtains but I figured that would block the flow of air so I nixed that.


MeganRose said...

Aww, I used to have a lawn mower just like that, that belonged to my great grandmother. I always thought, despite the difficulty it made mowing the lawn so much more enjoyable!!!

ps- I love your outdoor setup.

Rachel said...

Would love to see some photos of your garden of late...the tomatoes, the sunflowers...I'm living vicariously through your garden posts right now as I'm living in a concrete jungle in China. Next summer though, I hope to delve into the land of roof top gardening. I miss my little community garden plot from home!

siniann said...

Aura, you make really good finds from these sales. My riding is horse riding, it has been my stress relief and happy thing since I was 7years old. My heart melts when a horse puts his nose towards mine.

But my weekend plans were somehow cancelled, because i had accident at work, felt hard pain in the wrist and now i have tendonitis.

JennyJenJen said...

Just found your sweet blog :) Great pics!

And you garden as well?? jealousss

This weekend I am prepping for a wedding cake Im doing next week.. Hoping and praying my vision turns out how it looks in my head :)

Amber said...

This weekend we are helping my mother in law in her yard. She is on a garden tour next weekend. Then Saturday night we are going to listen to a local band play in our hometown and eating some bbq! Sunday I hope to just relax and craft some!
I love your hat!!! And your outdoor studio looked fab!!

Liz said...

um, yeah... so, you're gorgeous!!!! loving your blog!