Friday, August 27, 2010

Sometimes, life feels stale.

Tomorrow is the second Dustbowl Arts Market, and all my things are packed and ready to go inside the trunks.
These are my favorite pieces I made, this time. Remember the treasures I told you I found in the abandoned house a couple weeks ago? The white signs are cabinet doors that we took from the home.
I was too tempted to keep them for myself, but lately the stress of clutter around the house has made me terribly uneasy.

Tomorrow all my preparing for the last couple months will be done, and I'll start two new projects.

One: a video of our Summer, full of little bits and pieces of memories I have been saving. I have been playing this story in my head for weeks.

Two: our house. I feel overwhelmed at the amount of things sitting around. Some days I just want to push it all into one huge pile: furniture, books, tables, piles of mail, shoes, and rugs. And I just want to push it out the door and live in an empty room on one cushion on the ground.

I feel this way about a lot of things in my life, lately.

I think at the end of every season I feel so stale and uninspired by the monotony of my day-to-day. I feel it something awful in the last few weeks of Winter, but the last few years I am also starting to notice that I have this pestering itch for the seasons to snap and for the burn of Fall to be all around me. We've slept with the windows open the last few days and already I feel life moving through me, again. Filling me with ideas, stories, and big plans for the future.

These were from last week, the day before I broke out in hives. We were out on a friends boat, enjoying the last few weeks of Summer.

Happy weekend, friends. Any wonderful plans?


Megan said...

i agree- this long hot summer has stretched itself out long enough. i'm hoping this weekend holds for me a short scenic road trip with the boyfriend through the mountains, and some hardcore scope-outage of campsites for a late september trip. i can feel it in my bones in the Tennessee air that fall is just around the corner- today was one of the first days that the temperatures stayed below 90. To me, fall is a time for reinvention, campfires, sweatshirt hugs, and new projects. As much as I look forward to summer during the other 3 months of the year, I'm ready to welcome fall with open arms.

I've followed your blog for a few months and find your posts and accomplishments inspiring. Keep it up, girl. you "do you" well.


RachelDenbow said...

Oh, I'm so tempted to come VISIT my parents in OKC just to come say Hi at your booth in Norman! Except I can't.

I am relating strongly to the feeling of staleness you're sharing and I like to think it's because we're in touch with something that can be both extra lovely and extra hard in our hearts.

Looking forward to the fresh burn of Fall with you!

Anonymous said...

I think I started following your blog because I saw your comment on Playing Grown Up or Rockstar Diaries, I forget, then I saw you were from Norman and I've loved reading your blog ever since!

I have a history class with your husband. I awkwardly realized I knew him when the class started talking about religion because I remember reading on your blog the same ideas that he was speaking of and then it clicked! It's a weird feeling, meeting people you read about, because it makes you feel like a big creep. Haha. But he is very nice and when I told him I read your blog he went on and on about you. Very sweet.

Anyways, I agree with you. I feel that Summer has worn out it's welcome. It's a little depressing. I hope fall weather gets here soon!

Monique said...

It's really wonderful that you were able to create a piece of art from the cabinet of that abandoned home. I'm sure whoever purchases it will appreciate its history.

Transitions are particularly difficult for me as well. And I try to let enjoyable transitions like dawn and dusk serve as a model for how to ease into something new.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos :) I wish I was going into fall with you. I love it and winter as much as you love summer I think.

I adore those signs as well. Would love to come visit you one day at a market and see everything you make! I'll let you know if I ever make it back! :)

Christi said...

oh i love those signs and would love to buy one from you ... if that is ever a possibility. let me know!

i agree ... changing seasons/end of seasons make me uninspired. i am always itching to want the next thing. funny though, this summer ... summer weather never really came to so cal until last weekend. and now that our weather has warmed up (not the usual mild 75!) i'm loving this end of summer sunshine. if anything, it has reminded me that there is beauty all around and to appreciate today because tomorrow it will be gone.

siniann said...

These wooden signs are lovely. I'm waiting that this heat would stop and I could start another season, fall is one of my favourites. Even I love summer, being many months in these wamr degrees makes me tired. I need cool mornings, and days when I can put my favourite jeans and longsleeve :)

This weekend is full of friends, visiting library and photos.

have a nice weekend too!

Miss Welcome said...

Your photos do capture the beauty of the small moments, but real life has to have those blah moments too, I guess. I'm almost glad you have them so I know you're real. (grin)

stacey said...

ohhh I wish I could go to the market and buy one of those lovely signs! :)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Once again, u have some awesome photos!. BTW how are the hives? R u over them??? also I read from another blogger that Fels Naptha, which is a laundry bar soap is great w/ skin irritations, poison oak... u might want to find a bar of this in the soap section at the market... I've talked to others who use it not for laundry but for bites...

Mel said...

A~ My hippie dad who is alife coach... tells me that things become static, the excess is actually an energy drain, like an emotional leak.Purging is like detoxing you become systemically lighter and clearer in all you do... everytime I feel low or fuzzy I get out a trash bag and start pitching... It is awesome. Goodluck at the show.

Christine said...

I saw this quote and it reminded me of you, Aura :) don't know your email anymore so I'm just commenting on your latest post:

“Gardening requires lots of water—most of it in the form of perspiration.”
― Lou Erickson

a little black cloud in a dress said...

I've been feeling the same way about the things in my home.. I've been getting rid of things that are useless and only around for decoration. Good luck at your sale!

yours truly, melissa said...

I was just at the dustbowl arts market today and saw your cute booth! I was too shy to say hi, though! Lame, I know!

Loved your signs!!!

vintage girl at heart said...

Planned to come to the DBM today to see all of the goodies and local bloggers and artists but felt yukky so I stayed in!!
Love your signs and the fact that they are repurposed too!!!
Been thinking about the clutter thing too...I recycle my much loved junque through our Home seasonally so that helps with my clutter.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

angie on maui said...

Ugh - resisting are a girl after my own heart! Having too much..."stuff" in/around our home is very stressful to me, so The Hubs and I are really big fans of the "less is more" mentality. De-cluttering (or, at the very least, making a conscious effort to minimize all that superfluous junk) is something we try to stay on top of!

I adore the new signs you created; can't wait to hear how this round at the Dustbowl Arts Market went.

I hope you're feeling better these days, Jack-Johnson-induced-hives and all (LOVE.HIM. by the way)! Enjoy the last bits of Summer!


Aura said...

Megan- That sounds wonderful. I love Fall camping with every bone in my body. There's not a lot of great places around here to camp, but I am always pining for a roadtrip somewhere. Maybe we can find a spot for our anniversary in October.
A time for reinvention...I like that :)

Come visit, Rachel!! I'll meet you in OKC one day.

Jamie- He actually told me the first day of class! What a small world, right?

Monique- That's a great transition. Dawn/dusk are a reminder of a fresh start, every single day.

Annie- I wish I was going into Spring with you!! I say that, but if I 100% had a choice right now, I'd probably still pick Fall :) I do love it so much.

Christi- I am going to put them on my day :) I have one left that didn't sell and a few bags so I'm going to try and get the website running by this Fall.
And I can't believe it just got hot there! We hit the upper 80/s'90's by May, and it stays that way well into September. And inbetween it reaches the 100's! So, so hot.

Sini- Jeans are one of the things I'm missing the most! And my favorite cardigan.

Miss Welcome- This was a very downsized post :) The other day when I intended to write (but ran out of time) I had a huge, huge rant about everything in life that is stressing me out right now. Fortunately after a couple days and some nights with the windows open, I relaxed a bit and was only still bothered by a few of the things on my list.
By the way, I know exactly what you mean about being real. Maybe I need to open up on those days more, instead of holding them in until I deal with them quietly. I worry sometimes that people think I live this perfect life when in reality I deal with just as much as everyone else. I just don't blog about those rough days. I have so many people tell me they come here for positive inspiration that I feel bad cluttering it up with my whining. But then again, those "real" reminders are always nice, and maybe I do need to rant here and there.

Thank you, Stacey! People seemed to really like them.

KBF- They're all gone! Thank you for the soap recommendation, I'll give it a try if they every (hopefully never) come back.

Mel- Tell your hippie Dad that he gives great advice. I was waiting for this show to be over, then I was going to purge like nobody's business around this house. I'm ready to get started and plug my emotional leak!

Christine- Isn't that the truth :) Especially in our hot, Oklahoma Summers. I have been banned from my garden for over a week because of the hives/heat.

Hollie- I would have to get rid of half my house is I got rid of only decorations! But I think it's time.

Melissa- Why didn't you come say hi!! I had three people stop and tell me that they read my blog :) I understand, though. I'm terribly shy about things like that.

Vintage girl- I felt yucky yesterday, too! :) but I had no choice, I had to be there. I realized I never wrote back to your comment a couple weeks ago. That was indeed me at WalMart that day! I wish you'd said hello, I was having a hell of a time getting through that shopping trip :) That was the first time I'd been to Walmart in weeks, and it has been my last one, since. I kept getting stuck behind two people: The woman who reeked of stale smoke, and the guy who's B.O. was so bad I could smell him from a mile away.

Angie- I have been so good about that, but recently my less is more went out the door and I got more and more. I need to get busy!

Queen of the Rant said...

I love that idea with the cupboards-really neat-way to recycle

Rach said...

I love the way you decorated the cabinet doors what a great idea! I also love the saying on it! Now I have the Beatles song stuck in my head! Follow my blog please!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I've noticed that Mike and I feel this way too - but this stale feeling always ends up in us moving our home (we rent, so we have moved about 4 different times in the past 6 years that I've lived here). This is why I fear purchasing a home. He gets very antsy, maybe if we OWNED something we'd have more fun because the changes are endless, within budget and reason).

I'm hoping with camping season around the corner this will help us both feel less "trapped".

Good luck at the dust bowl I can't wait to hear all about it and see your creations again!