Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! (w e l c o m e 2 0 1 1)

Happy New Year, lovelies! I hope your first day of the year was spent well. Over the next few days I'm going to be working on a recap of 2010. In true form, I am always late when other parts of life get busy.

I have been putting new meaning to the term "nesting." The last few weeks, nothing has escaped my path of destruction, and many trips have been made to Salvation Army and dumpsters to clear out this house. It is the new year, and I am ready for a fresh, clean start.
I've also been filling our house with anything living I can, to get me through these next cold, dreary months. If you've been around the blog for awhile, you know I turn into a moody, gloomy mess over the Winter, and this year is no different. Even though four rooms in our home are already painted green, I am getting urges to paint all the walls the color of Spring to help bring in a bit more sunshine.

Here are a few photos from around the house the last couple weeks.

This gazelle was a Christmas gift from Michael. For the last few years we've passed for birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gifts to each other. But since this was our last year as just the two of us, we decided to do some surprise gifts.
And that's how I ended up with a gazelle head that makes me grin from ear to ear, every time I see it. I am repainting and decorating our guest bathroom over the next couple months (more nesting) and I believe this head needs to go directly above the toilet.

I've been busy (even more nesting) going over paint colors and decisions for the little bird's room. This dresser was a recent antique store find, and it's perfect for her changing table. Our next ultrasound is in three weeks, and I keep having nightmares that they'll discover we secretly have a little man in there, who will be stuck with a beautiful, girlie, green dresser.

This cold weather and dead grass have been making my weary, and already my bones are growing tired, stiff, and hungry for Spring. I bought a bag of potting soil yesterday to pot some new plants, and the smell of soil filling the house brought me happy memories and hopes for April. This year will be so different, and I don't yet know what to expect. My lazy days of digging in the garden and filling my hands with cool, damp Earth will be accompanied by a little one strapped to my back, or left on a blanket in the shade.
Part of me is nervous for these changes of the unknown, while another huge part is so ready to begin this adventure. I am so excited to be starting it during my favorite time of year, when I feel alive, inspired, and ready to take on life.

For now, I will just continue to nest and work on my little indoor gardens.

I will be back soon with a recap of 2010. For now, you can find me guest-posting on Corey's adorable blog, Life With Little Ones. I am excited to finally be able to share what I have been working on for the last year.
So many of you have been asking about bark & leaves, and I have been working around the clock trying to get a website up and running for the new year.
This next year, I am working towards more Arts Markets, and selling some of my items in a couple local boutiques. You can find a link to the website in the interview.

I hope you have wonderful, lazy Sunday, friends.
Ours will be spent taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations, busy-beeing around the house, and snacking on yummy comfort foods.

&maybe nesting just a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Aura! :) I love it when I see you in my Google reader :)

May I ask about the design on the first picture? Did you do that? I love how subtle and unique it is.

I thought of you on New Years Eve - I went camping at the beach, and it was hotter weather than I can ever remember living through! I am SO sunburned! I envy your winter. Let's swap! :)

Anonymous said...

...and the interview and bark & leaves are amazing. I love how you named the store! :)

Aura said...

Annie, I will gladly switch with you. A little sand in between my toes and a sunburn sound so amazing right now. :)

What part of the first picture are you curious about?

Notes from Holly St. said...

I've become a crazed nester myself lately. I'm so excited to bring our Christmas decorations down and have the house feel fresh and airy again. I love how you potted the pretty. How does the drainage work??

Aura said...

Normally I leave my decorations up for quite some time, and a couple years ago I even left the lights around my kitchen up through the end of February, but this year everything can't come down fast enough! It must be a pregnancy/nesting thing :)

I am naughty when it comes to drainage. I have fallen in love with lots of little pots and containers over the years that don't have drainage holes. That's why I'm a big fan of succulents. They need barely any water (especially in the winter) and even when you do water, they need more damp soil than an actual deep watering. The soil should go completely dry between waterings, so I've never had an issue with any fungus or root rotting at the bottom of my containers from not having drainage holes. Normally I used crushed ice to water them. I grab a couple pieces and place them around the plant so the soil slowly gets damp.
Succulents are such a wonderful, easy plant. My two oldest I bought when Michael and I first got married, so they are 4 years old! And they're both in tiny watering cans with no watering hole at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

On first glance the picture looked like it was on paper with the holes down the side :)

siniann said...

Your home looks so amazing with the light and decoration. I'm still waiting my homelife to start, can't wait the moment when we can get furnitures what we choose. It feels like living in someone else's home right now. I loved the interview, I have same sort of dream - to have one small store somewhere. Mine would be with nordic food and decoration.. but i'm not sure if it would ever work in south france.

Happy sunday!

kelly ann said...

your home seems like the warmest, comfiest, peaceful place.

aren't yellow flowers the happiest flowers?! i love them. :)

Melanie said...

You and I have a lot in comon!
I get very dull through the winter too, and I have a difficult time staying motivated through those chilling months. Do you find your prenatal vitamins are helping your mood?

Laura said...

Your home looks beautiful and so comforting... I especially love all the succulents and I think bringing living plants indoors is a great way to add some freshness to a space.. Happy New Year!

jeana said...

Happy new year! I have done the same thing over the past week. I've loaded up 6 bags full of toys, extra linens, and stuff we just don't need and given them to Salvation Army. I'm definitely missing spring, so I made a goal to create a simple home, while waiting for warm. Love all your natural aspects you bring in. Lovely!

Lisa [at] Beauty and Her Boys said...

I've been a reader of your blog for quite some time now, and whenever I get asked about blog recommendations, yours is the one I go to first. I admire how positive and care-free you are, and love to share how inspiring your posts are, and how they reveal the true simplicity of life. People get lost in the whirlwind we call life, & it's good to know there are still those people that stop to smell the roses.

Congratulations on all the wonderful things in your life, and thank you for staying positive & uplifting.

Genevieve said...

Oh happy sunday to you dearest aura! I am always so excited to see you post a new blog :) I am LOVING all the succulents as centerpieces...the house looks beautiful as always<3
happy new year mama!

Aura said...

Thank you, friends!

Annie- It does look like a piece of paper, I didn't even notice :) I had my aperture up high and was shooting with morning sun, so it blew out all the background white, and I was just trying to define that edge of the photo a bit.

Sini- I would love your store!! I have so many ideas for mine, it's hard to know where to start. But I know for sure that I would serve hot tea and pastries that my Mom makes. She is amazing at it, and I've tried to talk her into selling to local bakeries.
I also know I'd have a big, fat shop cat :) And a corner to stop and read a used book and have a glass of wine.

O'melly- Being pregnant in general has helped my mood. I've had my days since then, but I think I went something crazy like 4.5 months without being in a bad mood. Until cold weather rolls around :)
I have never had something affect my attitude that much - it's wonderful.

Lisa- Thank you so much for the sweet compliment. I try to live as simply as possible, in today's busy world. I actually had to look up an Ipad the other day because I genuinely didn't know what it was! I still didn't really get it. I'll stick with my big, clunky, old PC desktop, and stop to smell the roses :)

Genevieve- Thank you, sweet girl. I hope you are doing well, you seem very happy lately.
I was thinking about you the other day...I was remembering the cherry blossom curtains from Urban Outfitters from probably 8 years ago, and how obsessed with them I was. And then I remembered them in your cute little nest.

Happy New Year every one!

janis said...

i adore that gazelle... and just about everything else in these photos. good for you for being so productive in your least favourite season!


Brush Fire Fairytails said...

Happy new year! the gazelle head is amazing i love it!

Notes from Holly St. said...

i had no idea succulents were so low kind of plant :). you've inspired a little Sunday project for me...thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...


This is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I cannot wait to see how this evolves!


Steph said...

Bark and Leaves!!! Love it! congratulations Aura, I'm so proud of you. PS. Love that Peace bag!

Heather said...

Just came across your blog. Love your style and beautiful photography. I want to make some little gardens now too.

l. c said...

happy new year aura!! love your blog and your inspiring photos!

Jessica said...

What a wonderful post! Happy New Year girl! I totally get the nesting! I was a nesting maniac while I was pregnant with Layla, not but a week before Layla was born I was on my hands and knees scrubbing baseboards and every nook and cranny that could possibly have dirt or dust. :)! And even though I am not pregnant I still want to get started with freshening up and simplifying our living space. Our Christmas decorations are coming down this week and although it makes me sad because it's all over I am ready for a spic and span fresh house! Lots of love to you darling! Hope to hear more soon!

yours truly, melissa said...

Happy Sunday and Happy New Year Aura! I enjoyed your interview and love how you came up with the name for your business. That particular song by Priscilla Ahn was the start for me loving the rest of her music!

Can't wait to see how things develop for you this next year!

siniann said...

Aura, Definetly do have a corner for tea and your mom's bakings! I have near my apartment an english bookstore (it's rare here!) and the owner is lovely old man who serves tea and scones what he made by himself.. and you can sit on the tiny terrace in the backyard of the store. I love it!

Kathleen said...

love all these pictures aura. happy new year! sending you and your family positive vibes for this upcoming year! only 3 more months and you will life will be changed for ever! so excited for you :]

much love

Amber said...

your photography is amazing!

Johanna said...

Happy New Year, friend. I love the look of your new web store.

Laura said...

Aura, I am honored alone to have "Aura" in my name as well. I praise your talent! I always love looking at your work. Amazing! You inspire me! Thanks!