Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello, and Goodbye (wasting time).

This weekend, my parents offered to take baby E for her first overnight away from home.
Michael was thrilled.
I was sick.

We made plans for Friday night, our first "date night" alone since March.
We decided to go for dinner, and a night at Reggaefest.

The first time I ever heard of Pho, was from my friend Erin.
I was 21 years old, fresh off a 3 year vegetarianism, and we were sitting in the “lunch room” of our hair school. Surrounded by girls 15 pounds skinnier, 6 inches taller, and a whole lot more booby, who ate nothing but crackers and spray butter. It was odd, and to this day almost 8 years later, we still talk about hair school spray butter girls.

And we ate together. We were our own little lunch table. I had a flower in my hair, she was angsty, and somehow it worked.
Erin is the brownest white person I know. And along with a keen sense of the Spanish language, good taste in hip hop, and an affinity for Asian food, she also always thinks she is right.

So when she plopped down next to me one day with a piping hot bowl of Pho, she demanded that my wrinkled, up-turned nose was wrong.
I mean come ON….it’s raw meat with hot water poured on top, then you eat it?!

(Take a listen to the pronunciation. It’s not what you think.)

After my pretentious bought with Vegetarianism, I was unable to see the food world as anything but black and white, and moderation had not quite come to me yet, seeing as how I hadn’t had much life experience at 21.

When Michael suggested Pho Friday night, I had a funny memory of 19-year-old Erin, sitting next to me in the spray butter lunch room of hair school.

”If I had a Pho restaurant, I would call it ‘What the Pho.’”

I laughed out loud, 7 years after she said that, alone in my thoughts.

We drove to the Asian district, and I visited more old memories.
Along the way, I thought of my own childhood, and then I thought of Elodie. I wondered if my Mom was getting her ready for bed.
When I was a little girl, all of us, Grandma & Grandpa, my parents, and my Sister would drive to the Asian district and shop. We bought our rice in wholesale amounts, and were thankful that another nearby culture ate rice in the same quantities that we did.
My Sister and I would drag our feet through the aisles...I have a vivid memory of a fish laying on a bed of ice…moving.
A tiny little girl, I gasped and jumped back…..only to lean in close and wait to see it one more time.

When we got older and my Sister was a preteen, she would scream at my parents “I’m not going in there! I don’t want to smell like fish!”
She very well might have stomped her feet, afterward.

A tiny shadow of my big sister, I would add “Yeah! Me neither.”
We would listen to music in the car, she’d ignore me because I was 8 and annoying, and I would stare out the window, daydreaming about the moving fish on ice.

As my husband and I pull into the Asian District of Oklahoma City 20 years later, I am flooded with warm memories. The bustle, sounds, the smells.

Friday night we went to Pho Lien Hoa. It is located on the edge of the Asian District, but still close enough to the new, up and coming hipster-areas of Oklahoma City for someone who isn’t feeling terribly adventurous.

This time, I was not such a snob. In the 7 years since I decided being a vegetarian wasn’t for me, I learned what moderation meant. To eat what tastes good, and always, always try something once. Even if it means that you are the minority. This approach to food also became an approach to life.

{our last night out, January 2008}

My best friend of 15 years moved to Austin almost 4 years ago, and on the last night she was home, I shoe-polished "Austin or Bust" on her back windshield.
We always make time to visit a couple times a year. She lives downtown, right on 6th Street, so we spend a majority of the time walking everywhere we go and enjoying the city for what it is. But sometimes, like our trip in January, when I was 7 months pregnant and not feeling the hipster-vibe of the city, we decided to try something new.
Her boyfriend was born and raised in Austin, and knows little spots to venture to when the thin mustaches, food trucks, and plaid get to be repetitive and stale. Do we really need to stand around and judge what every one else is wearing and listening to?

Nothing you wear is quite cool enough for some spots in ATX, and one night we just begged him to take us anywhere that we could get sushi, still wearing our pajamas.

We packed up Petey and drove 15 minutes on the freeway from her condo on 6th Street. Away from the bustle of Downtown, and to a place tucked into an older strip mall. The sign glowed only, “sushi” against the quieter, slower parts of the city.
When we walked in, it was like we fell through the center of the Earth and into another world where we were the minority. The chef nodded to our host, and sent him plates of food, all night.

Do you come here a lot, or something?”

I’ve been convincing my friend that finally, she has found her Great “one.”
The one who doesn’t want to take her places where everyone around her is worried about what everyone else looks like.
Instead he takes her to this upside down world where they are strangers in a sea of faces not worried about anything but the sushi. One neon, glowing light in the dark Texas sky.

We walked into the restaurant Friday night, and sat down.
It is the kind of place that has a Vietnamese breakdown of cow parts, and 90% Asian customers. I loved it, instantly.

Before I can look over the menu, our appetizer ($2.25!) is in front of us. Two spring rolls, wrapped in shrimp.

The sauce is incredible. I consider licking the bowl, but decide against it. I look around and just as I suspected, no one is looking at anything but their Pho. I settle for licking my chopsticks.

Our plates are whisked away and I start to take photos of the meticulously clean, and shiny table. No fingerprints.

Before I can adjust my settings for the bright back light behind me, our Pho is plopped down in front of us. We can’t get a thank you in, and wonder what part of the wait staff speaks conversational English, anyway. There were a lot of rehearsed “okay, thank you, you order, refill's?”

It’s beautiful. The smell, the hot steam on my face, and the fresh, green aroma are heaven. There is a large plate of limes, jalapenos, fresh basil and mint still attached to the stems, and cabbage.

A buffet of everything I love? This is bliss, and I’m never leaving.
In my head, I’m thanking Erin, and laughing at what the pho.

Our food is dressed, mixed, and ready to eat. The steaming hot broth is cooking the thin slices of meat, and softening the greens to just the right amount to release their flavors and add a bit of bite to the meal. The yin/yang of the meat and herbs is a perfect combination. I'm suddenly so glad I'm not a vegetarian anymore.

The rest of our conversation is put on hold. The only thing going on is the two of us, faces 5 inches above our bowls, managing to spit out ”this is amazing” between bites (read: shoveling).
As we slow down, we talk about Elodie. It has been 3 hours away from her, and so far, neither of us (me) has died. He tells me he misses her, and I’m not quite so sure I can make it much longer, when all I want to be doing is cuddling with the three of us on the couch, eating our Pho to go.

When it was all said and done, I had done the most damage. I poked at my husband and made him take a photo of shame – a bowl still one thirds full of broth. To give him credit, the bowl was massive. And we got the smalls.

We left with full bellies and a burning, spicy kick in our mouths. Pure bliss.

We headed to Bricktown, where I always love to stop and photograph the old buildings. I love the weathered, aged words painted across the brick.

When we got there, we walked around the Bricktown Canal and met up with friends at Reggaefest.

I think of another trip to Austin, just a long girls weekend. Long, long before I was even dreaming of the responsibility and change that comes with being a Mother. We went to Reggaefest and I danced all weekend barefoot in the mud, lost my point and shoot camera and somehow didn’t care, and got soaked in the rain. And we danced, danced, danced. That was the old me, and as more and more months pass and baby E becomes a part of our family, it seems like those careless weekends are a light year away.

On Friday night, we sat and listened to the first band. When night fell and the sky went dark, I couldn’t stop thinking about the old me. So I downed my margarita, took my husband to the stage, and we danced to a Bob Marley cover band.
That night, there were fireworks in Bricktown at the baseball game a block away.

And I felt like the old me, again.
I wasn’t quite busting out the glowing hula hoop, dancing in my bikini top and rubbing people. Ahh, to grow older and learn moderation.

Around midnight we caved and drove to my parents to pick up Elodie. Sleepy, holding her blanket, Michael picked her up and kissed her, and we drove her home. I melted.

Before I had a baby, I worried that one day, I would look at myself in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back. After I had her, I realized that it had happened, whether I liked it or not.
Somehow, all those conversations from parents that end in “but they’re so worth it…” started to make sense.

I spent the rest of the weekend away from tv, internet, and my phone, building Elodie her little reading nook. I had made the first half of the canopy when I was pregnant, and finally finished it.

Now her room is done. A tiny sanctuary where she loves to lay and look around. Filled with bright, Oklahoma light, I point to each bit and piece of her room and tell her khetob eh Elodie, tacht eh Elodie, pangereh eh Elodie……book, bed, window, this belongs to you.

It seems that I tend to get a lot of things done when I take steps away from wasting time. When I spend hours online, sleep in too late, and put efforts into meaningless relationships. I knew that the old me was hiding in there, somewhere.
This weekend I remembered who the old me was. One night of forbidden spicy foods, dancing, and us talking about our freaking baby like one of those parents all. night. long.

The truth is, that I miss the old me. The late nights, dancing….being care free.
But somewhere along the way, something inside of me changed.
All those smug parents were right, and we absolutely turned into one.

She’s worth it.

It is through that realization, that I find I am not saying goodbye to the old me, but rather, hello, to the new one.
I guess sometimes (but not all those times, thank you moderation), I would rather be playing with colored blocks.

Creating a space where she will learn, grown, and feel inspired.

And watching my husband read a bedtime story to our baby girl at night.

My friend Amy sent me a letter (yes, in the mail, we write letters like old women!) a few days ago. She has been feeling all these things, at the same time. Her baby E was born a few weeks before Elodie, and in her letter she writes "I remember back in college when you and I would write those long, confessional-style letters to each other. That was forever ago, wasn't it?"

{Amy, on a kayaking trip we took together in 2006}

It was. What changed? How can we be those girls and balance these babies at the same time, again?

Do you ever get sick of people around you always worrying so much about how everything looks? It's like the life inside those moments itself, is missing.

To feel bits and pieces of that doesn't feel good to me.
The more I do this, the more I realize that unfortunately, a lot of this "business" is about a whole lot of posing, photo shopping, and living talk about it.

At some point over this weekend, I questioned this space, and why I still do this. There is 100% of my life waiting for me, and the time I give it is broken up into things that don't matter.
Spending 30 minutes reading 30 different blogs. 20 minutes looking at pictures of someone on Facebook (read: creeping) that I don't even know, 30 minutes looking at clothes online.
What am I even doing? In 1.5 hours I built baby E her first little fort. It felt good. Not mindless. Not life lived from one same spot on the corner of the same couch, looking at the same websites. Over. and Over.

This feels like one of those times in life where you need a break. Ever have one of those, friends?
To take the time to learn about this new obstacle ahead of you - a stage - and how we will add this to one more adventure that this wild ride has in store for us.

As we change and adjust to these stepping stones and ultimately choose how we will react to them, we will go forward in life, growing or staying the same.

Wishing these minutes away would be wrong. Because if our days fly by? Well then I guess life would just be entirely too short, overall.

Looking for the next best, and biggest thing in life is a waste of your days. You're constantly waiting for your next big trip and adventure, and in reality, you miss the small ones we travel on every day.

No matter what, this world is still spinning, spinning, spinning. And if we don't hurry to get on, it will leave without us.

See you in a few weeks, friends.

PS, I left a little note on my blog 'break' in the comments.


Alivia said...

I love this post, but little Elodie's hand in the photo of Michael reading to her is pure magic.

Diana Twiss said...

Enjoy your soak in every precious present moment. Good for you!

francine said...

thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your lovely life with us! have a wonderful break from the blog. thank you for reminding us to not be tied down to the internet and to go out and live life instead! xoxo

Stephanie said...

Such beautiful words...and such a sweet glimpse into your life. Thank you for sharing and for your wonderfully honest posts.

Suzy said...

aura i have just found your blog and i find myself agreeing with 'everything' you say. you are speaking to me from across the world (im in australia) like your hear in my living room. your words are a blessing thankyou. oh and i had a baby girl 2 yrs ago and can relate to everything your saying. we have only left her twice with grandparents and its a struggle. our lives are more blessed with them and when they grow im sure they will love the festivals,travelling ectect as mucg as we did/do :)

Melanie said...

It's eerie how you always seem to write about things that I'm going through in my own mind. But then again, maybe it goes through all of our minds at some point. The problem is, most of us are too lazy and full of fear to do anything about it.

I too, am guilty of sitting on my computer wasting hours doing pointless browsing.. while I could be taking advatage of oppourtunities and building experience and memories on my minutes instead of wasting them. I'm guilty, but like you, I can recognize it and do something about it. Some people live their entire lives never recognizing it, and how sad it that?

It feels like there's also a constant need to evaluate our lives through the comparison of others.. and an even greater need to express ourselves with physical things more than actions, morals and values. :(

I've been ready for a refreshing wake up call, and your post was just the right push. So thank you for that.

neither, but both said...

Thank you, Aura, for writing about finding your old self in your new Mother self. It is something I also ponder on. And I always come to the same conclusion-it is worth it. Let your friend know there is a small chain of Pho restaurants in the Greater Seattle area called What The Pho! Always makes me giggle.

gaoyang_2 said...

I loved the way you described pho! It is the best cure for a cold (and hang over). I hope that everyone gives pho a try. Stepping out of the box sometimes tastes delicious.

And I see you used that beautiful Gap scarf as part of Elodie's canopy...:) I use mines as a sarong. It is a beautiful print.

Your words and photos are beautiful!

Kathleen said...

I too am processing similar things. Hollie sent me this article:
: that brought me to tears. I sobbed, I haven't cried that hard in a long time. I cried because I know how much time I waste on myself instead of investing in others. I so desperately want to a conscious and simple life but so easily get wrapped up with frivolous things. Life is bigger than how we often live. There is a world out there whose concerns AREN'T blogs, followers, nice clothes, pretty things. Today, I decided to rid myself of the unnecessary, to consciously live simple and to give myself to all that is GOOD.

Princess Jasmin said...

I use to feel that way too in a relationship of so many years.When I had walked away, I kept asking who was this person I turned into, and although I have no kids now, I know that when the time arrives, I will be looking at myself in the mirror asking the same question yet again. Its a life process, embrace it :)

Julia said...

Dear Aura, i understand you perfectly. Sometimes i have this feeling as well, that I need a break from online activities, just to get back my life on track and soak up every moment because life is just happening so fast. Dear Aura, I wish you lots of happy moments and thank you again for sharing your inspiring thoughts, stories and beautiful photos.

Mary said...

wonderful words. have a great break aura! oh such beauty on the inside and out. a rare combination.

Kat said...

Eee! This post!

Spring rolls, pho, reading? All a few of my favorite things!

Anonymous said...

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

vicious*vintagechic said...

Yes, so true about making every moment count. What are we really doing with our time??

I will say when it somes to blogs... now, I only read the ones that are positve and ADD to my life. Yours is the best, thank you for being you!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Well,u taught me something.. had no idea the meat in pho was cooked that way!.My son had a pho kick for awhile.. Fish sauce is one thing, that I can't seem to take on a daily basis.... must say, the mint in pho is yummy....I remember that wedding photo! beautiful and sweet...

Jaymi said...

I was sick a few weeks ago and had to spend a night in the hospital. The nurses kept telling me to look at it as a little mini-vacation, away from the baby. I didn't sleep for more than 5 minutes that night, I felt so lonely.

Also, I'm lucky to live in a city that has tons of pho shops. I think that, for dinner tonight, we'll stop at the Asian market for spring roll supplies and get some pho on the way home.

Kat said...

this is so beautiful, like all of your posts. My mother-in-law is Vietnamese and makes an amazing Pho (I don't eat it anymore as I have turned vegan, but I love sitting with her while she makes it). I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant with my first, and already those long weekends of partying and drinking too much vodka and dancing all night long seem lightyears away. But you know what? Stories like the ones you tell make me see that I am only opening a new chapter of my life, full of amazing things :)

Mel said...

You are absolutely right. Reading your blog is like sitting down to a good book filled with wisdom and quiet realizations that have a resounding effect. Thanks so much for sharing what you do, when you do.


yours truly, melissa said...

Beautifully written, as usual. I agree that life is meant to be really * lived * & not just because you have a blog where you can post about it (like so many bloggers do...). I hope you enjoy your blog break, but I hope you come back! :) what I like about blogging (& maybe you share some of those feelings?) is that I actually enjoy it because it's sort of like journaling with photos. I suppose, for me, it's somewhat of a hobby & you do your hobbies when life allows & because you like to! When you like to do something it's not a waste of time... But as with everything & as you have said here, the key is...Moderation

Anonymous said...

"You're constantly waiting for your next big trip and adventure, and in reality, you miss the small ones we travel on every day."

Aura, this resounds with me to the core. My husband and I have been experiencing this season in our lives now for quite some time. This road is an uneasy one but the most important reminder to have is to step away and truly enjoy this season, no matter what. Thank you so much for sharing your heart through beautiful words.

Becky said...

I sincerely hope you choose to come back here and write, because I love your posts. I only found your site a couple of months ago, and I had to go and read the archives. You have a wonderful life, and I appreciate you sharing it with me.

Alex Byer said...

I always feel so lucky to read your posts, and I'll continue to feel lucky whenever it is that you decide to come back :)

Cait said...

There is a place called What the Pho in Seattle!! haha

Nicole said...

I am a new reader to your blog & "follower" and this is a post i HAD to comment on. What an INCREDIBLY beautiful post and blog. Your words & your pictures are truly aw-inspiring. Your write with such truth and as silly as this sounds... i feel such peace through your words & pictures. I genuinely am so very inspired.

I am new to the blogging world. I am trying to overcome the worry of judgment of strangers or even friends/family but after following yours for a short time, i hope to create something so beautiful as you have. Again, THANK YOU for the inspiration!!


emily said...

Love this post. I think if we always stayed the same people we would never grow and deepen. When I had my daughters, I changed dramatically but I'm not a different person, I'm me - just stronger, more aware, and deeper.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Have a nice break!

Nolita said...

Elodie's reading nook is so wonderful!

I hope your break away from the blog/social media/etc is restorative (you sound a little burned out). Also hope that the break in heat next week (fingers crossed) helps your fam catch up on sleep and quality time. From what I see that you share on your blog, you are NOT wasting time! You share your beautiful things and thoughts with us, so thanks! Hope you will come back with a renewed spirit!

El said...

I couldn't agree more....

She falls in love, ten times a day! said...

I enjoy this friend of yours, Aura. "What the Pho?" Haha! Similarly, I always wanted to have a restaurant called, "Tic-Tac-Pho." And then on the side, in my spare time, I also always wanted a Chinese place where I can make all the fortune cookies read, "That was cat you just ate." REGARDLESS, my God, Elodie is sweet. I bet she's just a jewel on the hip of whoever's lucky enough to be holding her. How do you resist pinching her cheeks while she sleep? Well, if she ever turns up missing, you'll know exactly where to start looking! Have a good break, Joon!

Betsy said...

When my Internet was down a few weeks ago, I was insanely productive and I didn't have that magnetic force calling me to check my email after every task I completed around the house. Feels so nice to take a break.

What is that white tee shirt gown shroud Elodie is wearing??? I want to go to bed in that.

I love this post.

Jess said...

Lovely post as always, I always looks forward to coming here to read your new posts. Your writing is inspiring and motivates me to take time away from the internet, too! Thank you, for sharing your outlook on life. Enjoy your break with precious little E!

DJ said...

You are so right about wasting time, and about living life just to talk about it. I've found, though, that since having a blog I'm more compelled to appreciate little moments by writing about them and giving them the attention they deserve. For some reason, a journal won't do it for me - it's a shame the one thing that will do it for me - the internet - happens to come with so much baggage.

DJ said...

And I forgot to mention how I SWOONED at the picture of little Elodie's hand on Michael's arm.

Mallory said...

Beautiful post, Aura. I have not yet had a baby, but even now I sometimes feel like 'where did life go, when did I become this person?' And it is so not a bad thing, life goes on, people grow and morph, but it doesn't mean it is not completely confusing. I remember being so present in each and every moment of my life, but at the same time, the past 5, 10, 20 years seem as if they are such a blur. I knew I would be in this place one day, married, an actual GROWN UP, but yet, I am still coming to grips with the fact that my future has now become my present. It is strange, it is crazy, and it is awesome :)

daydreamme said...

OMG, just beautiful. I just had a baby in March as well and I seriously have just been having very similar thoughts. I love taking pictures of my daughter and our life, but am I missing the real moments? Why am I on facebook/blogs when I could be spending time with her?
Thank you, thank you. You are a beautiful soul. Keep making the world a better place. It's amazing how our little babies change us, but I must say I am happy with where life is taking me.

Chanele said...

I love your blog, the online world needs more like yours. I hope you don't give up!

Anonymous said...


I know you're still my same girl
Who builds her own frames
For the pictures that she paints
Of the lights in Monterey
Coming across the bay
Right back to my same girl

Anonymous said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that next time I open your blog I'll find post afer post filled with andventures of reconnecting and all the living you so very much needed accompanied by your beautiful photographs.

Take your time, I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll go on this hiatus with you. Summer is almost over and us brown skinned girls need to soak in every last ray.

I'll see you in the fall.....right?


stacy said...


You make so much sense. Thank you for being real and honest. Your blog is so refreshing in that way. Enjoy some time free from the internets! Its a good thing......

jackie said...

you're such a beautiful writer and an eve more beautiful soul. enjoy your time off with your family and i'm sure you'll figure out how to merge the old you and the new you just fine.

Mo and Kristi said...

My baby just turned one and I feel like this post was just for me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

your blog is a beauty, and this is exactly what i needed.

Sarah @ said...

I understand. Enjoy living =) Whenever I step away, I know that I do.

Myrna said...

Your writing is so pationate. Love it. Elodie is simply gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Question: was Elodie born March 29th (date given here) or March 31st (date given on your Dear Baby post, which I assume is an error)?

Enjoy your break, Aura!

Jessica said...

thank you. thank you. thank you. I didn't realize how much I needed this until I actually read it. It gives me chills how messages can come through others that you need to hear. I am guilty member of the "time-wasters-anon" club. How instead of constantly reading about, talking about, looking at pictures about LIFE, you are actually out there living it. How when I am not wrapped up in wasting my time doing "nothing", I end up in bed at the end of my day breathing a big sigh of contentment because I KNOW that, this day was truly LIVED.
I think a break from the virtual world is exactly what I need, so with that I say goodnight.

Hopefully to return refreshed and with fully lived life moments to share :).

Take care and blessings to you girl.

liz. said...

Ha, my friends in OKC took my to eat pho at the same place. There is a great little asian market near there too. I want to say 26th street or something. But the avocado or taro bubble tea is wonderful.

s.calder said...

Beautiful. Thanks for inspiring all of us to take a brief hiatus and to focus on the most important things.

On another note, you always find the most lovely fabrics(i.e. The turquoise in the reading nook). Any online sources perhaps?

Lauren Bingham said...

I have an 11 month old daughter and "we" like to see what you and Elodie are up to every once in a while. I always enjoy reading what you have to say about motherhood, E, and life. Thank you for sharing your art and family with us. Gwendolyn and I say hello!

amber said...

just got back from my own internet break~ so refreshing! and yes, i too often wonder if it's all a big waste of time... like what did people REALLY do before all the computers and cell phones? well. i think they lived a bit fuller and saw more beauty in the simple things. man! that's what i want for my kids.

enjoy this time, aura. your spot here is an inspiration!

Heather A. said...

A good few years ago, before I ever discovered this blog, your friend Erin cut my hair when she was in Savannah for school. It was only a couple of times, because I have long hair, but still... SMALL WORLD!!!!!!

Enjoy your break! I feel the same way sometimes about being online. I don't talk much, but I love to read online, for way too much time. Sometimes I get mad at myself for spending all this time on here, when I have SO much else that needs my attention. Little projects here and there, dogs that want to play, and chores that need to be done. Sometimes it's nice to just sit and not do anything for a while. I'm restless to get things done today. My baby's room needs to be done, and I still have too many things to make for it with 6 weeks left to go.

Enjoy your time to get your things done, and spend with your family. We can all wait.

And I apologize for asking, again, but I still wonder how Hunter is. I would love to see him with sweet little Elodie. :)

17 Perth said...

Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your "revelations". An internet break is always refreshing and I hope you, Elodie and your husband are enjoying your Sunday. The nook you built is beautiful! I am sure little Elodie will grow to LOVE that little space.

On another husband and I LOVE Pho!! It is a weekly staple for us..literally. We discovered it a few years back, but every week when we head out for a quick lunch or dinner, when we swear we are going to try something new, we always end up at our Pho restaurant!!

Happy Sunday

Unknown said...

LOVE this post - the food, the thoughts expressed ... My kids know that Dr Seuss book inside and out. My two year old says, "Saaay" and then something resembling "I LIKE green eggs and ham - I do!"

Once I served my kids green eggs and ham for lunch and they all said, "Saaaay...". ;-)

Bean said...

Your writing is so heartfelt and beautiful, and it evokes so many feelings within me when I read it that I will miss you if you don't blog anymore. That's none of your concern really, but you should know that you bring joy to others through your incredible words and this blog that you've built.

Unknown said...

i love love love this post. that reading nook is ADORABLE.

i will be featuring some of your home decor on my blog on 8/10, if you are interested please come take a peek :)

much love!!

christiana claudia said...

Dearest Aura, I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to read your post. It is exactly what I couldn't figure out how to articulate about a summer: a disappointing relationship I optimistically believed could be better, rediscovering friends who are worth it, learning what I really want to take in and what is a waste of my energy and attention, learning to value me and what I love, using my time for my art and craft...
You are such an inspiration to me, and it is so wonderful to know a kindred spirit is alive in the world who shares the same feelings.
from a kansan prairie girl at heart

femke said... write so beautifully and from the heart. You manage to put into words -beautiful words at that- what I went through when i became a mama...perhaps what every parent goes through.
i love reading your blog...there is something magical about it.

Ramona said...

Absolutely beautifully written! I believe there has to be a balance between living in the here and now, enjoying every single moment, living the adventure of life itself and dreaming of the future ahead of us, of places and people. The most important thing like you said is to not miss out on the journey because it is the journey that we grow in personally and it is the people in our everyday lives who challenge us to become a better person.
Always love your posts, so inspiring! Thank you! Lots of love! Ramona

From Florida said...


I'll miss you while you're gone, but I'm so grateful you left us with such a heartfelt post instead of just disappearing.

I adore the nook you created for Baby E. I think it's the most loving gift your hands have created, it's such a beautiful representation of yourself and love for her. And most of all I love how a place that meant so much to you and your husband has been reinterpreted for her. I remember how sad I was that your own peaceful space would no longer be there. It was such a cozy place for the two of you it almost seemed magical. But Elodie "was so worth it."

I hope you find the balance and peace of mind you're searching for in lazy days full of pottery barn catalogs read in your hammock with a precious sleeping baby in your arms and banana pancake breakfasts.

Learning said...

I totally understand how you're feeling...that this space could be a waste of precious time with your family. However, I think someday you will find that this blog is a wonderful biography of your life. I actually wish someone would make your blog into a book...I would read it ;).

I think that the reading of other blogs...and writing our own blogs is more about the search for our own village. Today I have many friends... unfortunately few live in my town. It is harder to connect with them. So I make my blog...and read others to feel connected again. I think inside many of us miss the connectedness of knowing our neighbors and everyone in a village caring about one another.

I know that family can be the village to raise a child...but someones one needs friends also ;).

Thanks so much for sharing what you have with the world. I hope that you continue to do so...but I totally understand if you decide to focus more on living life rather than writing about it.

michella s. said...

LOVE. seriously your writing beams me up. makes me so excited to be a mother, grow into my new self and rediscover my old self.

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely blog!! We can’t wait to see your future posts. Check out our beautiful shop sometime. Have a wonderful day!
Xoxo Jessica & Holly

Taylor C said...

Hi Aura, enjoy every moment of your break! Sometimes we just need to shut off and reconnect. I had to laugh when you said your friend would call her Pho restaurant "What the Pho" as there is a place right by my house with that very name...

I hope this makes you smile and you can share it with your friend as well. Someone else also thought it was a great idea :)

Excited for your next posts, whenever you are ready to write them

e said...

aha!!! see i am always right.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your life and loves with us. Don't ever stop this space, it is a love song to Elodie for when she grows older and the discipline of capturing these special moments could be lost and these moments are fleeting. Thank you for inspiring us all to slow down and soak it all in, life, love and babes.

Kayla Poole said...

I feel like those vegetables, all warm and cozy wrapped up in between the shrimp after reading this post.

enjoy your break.

Lucy said...

So there actually is a Pho restaurant called "What the Pho?" around here. I've been a Pho lover since I traveled to Vietnam, but my husband will barely touch the stuff. I might have to drag him to a Pho place after reading your post.

I know all too well what you mean about motherhood changing you. I used to love to party, go dancing, drink too much, etc. My daughter is 18 months and I left her at night for the first time while I had a girls night with my cousins. We still nurse and we still nurse at night, so when I got home at 2 am, she was waiting up for me (my husband had gotten her to sleep earlier but when she woke up around 1 am to nurse, she refused to go back to sleep until she had her nummies! stubborn baby). I'd already had a very difficult time relaxing and allowing myself to have fun, and when I got home and saw my baby sitting up in bed, that was enough to make the whole night NOT worth it. Partying just isn't what it used to be. I'm sort of sad that the "fun" chapter in my life closed at age 24, but more than anything, I'm madly in love with my baby. Any sacrifice I make for her is not a sacrifice, it is love.

Also, I've been wanting to visit Austin and you make me want to even more. Especially for reggaefest. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Your blog is so inspiring! And the reading corner for your little girl looks absolutely magical...

Carly Anne said...

As a woman a month out from TTC, and facing all of the fears about giving up "my" life, I really appreciated what you had to say in this post.

Also, I lived in Portland for a year, which is really just a rainy copy of Austin, and I laughed out load at your hipster peeves.

Aura said...

Thanks for your support, friends. I probably should clarify my break a little bit better.

I am not completely unplugging my computer and cancelling internet, I'm just reevaluating the time I spend here. Especially on my blog, and the effort I put into it. It takes a lot of time, and even though I enjoy it so much and get such a creative outlet and the reward that comes from that, I need to think about how it is affecting other parts of my life.

Normally, people who have this amount of time invested into their blogs get paid to do it. And even though family and friends push for advertising, (my father in law is already insisting I should put the money towards a college fund!) I am just not going to go down that path. This has never been, nor will it ever be a source of income.

I need to start budgeting my time so that family comes first, then time for myself, and my business. Whatever is left over needs to be left for this. I put my little shop aside when Elodie was born, and now, when I have a free minute, instead of working on it, I seem to spend it here.

I have gone back and forth with my shop being something I work on online, or offline. Ultimately, I have decided to start it online until I can find a brick and mortar and begin my real dream of having my own little space to call home. If any of you would like to support that and purchase anything, I would feel very blessed and thankful to have strong, online support. With that being said, I will not be mixing my shop with this blog, and will probably just have a mailing list request here if any of you would like separate updates on that. Like I said, this is not work for me, and I don't expect any of my readers to pay my bills.

Another thing that has been very heavy on my mind is what I share here. I have always been a very open person with my feelings, whether I am talking to friends, clients, or all of you who come here to read along with my story. That is another reason I am taking a break from this space, as I am starting to grow a bit worried about our privacy, and especially Elodie's. When things like searches for where we live show up in my google statistics, it makes me want to jump ship and completely delete myself from the online world. I have a child to protect now, and it is not her choice to be seen here in this space. I am going to think about what I am sharing as far as her privacy goes. I think I have already decided that I will no longer be sharing photos of her face, because she does not have a say in that.
I think about people who display their children in activities when they don't like the attention, celebrities selling pictures of their kids, and parents who force their families to go on reality shows. It makes me so sad, and I need to consider that her voice is important, even if she can't express it. This is no where near that extreme, and I have no issue with other people sharing photos of their children online. But this is a choice I am making that I think is best for our family.

Aura said...

This all came about because of something I saw online, making fun of a very popular Mommy blogger for photoshopping a picture of herself (the real photo was posted on instagram, then the photoshopped version on her blog). First of all, I felt terrible for her for being "called out" on it. I think every woman has her own insecurities, and how terrible that she feels like she has to live up to something because she is in the public eye. Then for someone to point it out and make fun of her just shows why she has to feel that way in the first place.
It's not fair how much emphasis society puts on the way everything looks, and I am SO, so fed up with it.

There was a day when I was taking a few photos of our house, and I found myself pushing a pile of mess over with my foot so it wasn't in the photograph. WHY? Who am I trying to impress? I am not super-Mom, there are messes in my home, and to hide that only gives the impression that I am fakely-perfect, or deeply insecure and needing to feel perfect to sleep better at night.

There are a few other things on my mind lately, and I am taking this blog-break so I can decide where to go with all of this. Thank you for your patience, friends. I hope this message finds you all in the next few weeks as I take some time to actually clean up my piles because I want to, and not because anyone is looking.

To answer a few questions:

The little white number E has on is a nightgown. I bought 5 yards of the thinnest, softest knit fabric when I was pregnant, thinking I would make a blanket for her with it when she was here. Well, 2 baby showers later, we had more blankets than any child should have in a lifetime, so the fabric was just sitting there. Last week I whipped up a pattern (and by 'whipped up' I mean it took like 2 hours to make this darn thing) and sewed her a little dress to sleep in. Now that the pattern is done, it just takes 45 minutes to make the actual gown, so I am going to be making her a few more. Especially considering I sewed one sleeve inside out :) I want an adult sized one! It is so soft and comfy.

To Anonymous who asked about her birthday - It is indeed the 29th. Can you believe I posted the wrong birthday on Dear Baby? She was only a couple weeks old when I wrote that, and I was VERY much sleep-deprived and half out of my mind :)

As far as fabrics go, I am not much of an online shopper. I really love to scour thrift stores for old sheets and even dresses to cut up, and I also really love quilt stores for their small, colorful designs. The fabric in her reading nook is actually a large scarf from the Gap! It was on clearance for $10, and you can't beat that with the price of fabric going up so much these days.

From Florida- I think you know me, really, really well :) From the PB catalogs to banana pancake breakfast and old memories of our sweet little room before it was a nursery.
I love what you said about her room, and you are absolutely right. I actually like it even more, now. I can't wait to spend time in there with her, on the weekends, when the light is bright and I can relax. It is such a peaceful, quiet space.

Thanks again for all your sweet comments, friends. I am still here and reading, just needing to be quiet for a few more weeks until I figure out my shop, privacy, and what I choose to put here. I hope you all enjoy these last few weeks of Summer.

Valerie said...

Thank you so much for posting this explanation. I love your blog but completely understand if you need to step away for a bit. There is such meanness in the world and I think the internet fosters cruelty because people can hide in anonymity. I think most people are good and caring people at their core but there are some real stinkers out there. :) Anyway, I hope you do come back. I find your words and pictures so inspiring and as others have said, I feel like your blog is such a respite and a peaceful place.

Katie Trusz said...

Hi Aura. I found your blog through "Dear Baby" and I'm so thankful that I did. Your genuineness is a breath of fresh air and your words are lovely and inspirational. You are making an impact on the world through your blog, as I think all of the responses to this last post show! Thanks for letting us into your world!

Rachel said...

Dear Aura,

When you talk about wasting time, I understand what you mean. However, I hope you don't question you space. Reading your blog really helps me (and I assume many other people, judging by the 74 posts) come back to the things that really matter. I just spent 30 minutes looking at Facebook and felt so down (thoughts of "why can't I look like her, wish I lived there, wish I was doing that...") and when I looked at your bog I really remembered the important things in life (family, babies, food, nature, old friends, adventures). Thank you for that.

Nicole said...

I hope you enjoy your weeks "off" from blogging! I want to thank you for your blog.. everything about it is so inspiring to me, and I love the truth in your words and the light in your photographs. I hope that one day, I will have a love as brilliant as yours, and a way to channel my inner creativity. Looking forward to your next post...

Kimia Kline said...

elodie's hand. pic image just made me teary.

Kimberly Ingraham said...


I absolutely love elodie's reading nook! and all of the books! it makes me want to turn a corner in my son and daughter's room into a reading nook, instead of buying the rocker I planned on buying for that purpose!

may I ask where you bought elodie's white dress?

Unknown said...

I always love all your pictures, thanks for sharing :)

Nolita said...

Hi Aura,

I think I saw your sweet grandfather this morning on my way to work. He was biking close to my neighborhood. What a perfect morning to be out on the bike -- wish I were! Have a great day!

arielle elise. said...

I am right there with you! I have learned to treasure the times when I am not online or on the computer. I still love to blog, but when I find that other people steal my pictures posing to be someone there not, it definitely makes me think twice about privacy. I've thought about my own family's privacy and how much exactly I want to share. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful words! Have a nice and enjoyable break :)
~ Arielle

Anonymous said...

I see you have gotten into the issue over privacy and everything (which I completely understand). But, I was curious. Are you still planning to share Elodie's birth story? I believe myself and the rest of your readers would understand if you felt like you shouldn't share But, I thought I'd ask. I went through your comments and didn't notice anyone asking you, so I hope you haven't been asked this lately.

Dawn said...


I do not know if and when you will ever see this comment, but you happened to post this on a day when I truly felt compelled to contact you. I can't tell you precisely why, or about what. I suppose to tell you how beautiful I find your words, and how encouraging I find them to be. I do not doubt that you fear privacy (especially with your wonderful daughter), and I respect and admire you for considering her safety now and in the future. If you do chose to discontinue blogging, I am pleased that I was able to follow for so long (since I joined blogger in 2009). I am honored that you have shared your words (and life) with us thus far. Your words are ever raw and true--your husband is adorable, your daughter is precious, your Oklahoma summers are harsh. You are, and ever will be, a storyteller. I've tried to hone my own skills as one, but I will never be the same level as you, because you--Aura Joon--are the only one who has "those" thoughts and "those" feelings and "those" reflections. What negativity you have received I do not understand, because it is undeserved and ill-sought.

When I had the intention of contacting you, I knew I had several questions: 1. Is the cost of the GIF Animator worth it? 2. How do you have your photos so large on your blog? 3. My boyfriend and I love to travel, and want to know what you would recommend in Oklahoma. We're planning on driving Route 66 someday, and are already looking for ideas.

Big things, small things; I had them all. None, I hope, would be too private, for that is not my intention. I have nothing but admiration for you--as a blogger, as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter. Whatever decision you make will be the right one, and I wish you nothing but happiness and hope and beautiful, endless moments with your family.

Take care,

Ashley K. said...

I love reading your story. Your writing is warm and wonderful. I hope you come back to this space with joy in your heart and peace in your soul. I look forward to your return.

RIPplePuddle said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now.
All of the things that concern you are totally understandable. I appreciate your feelings about Elodie.
I kind of hid my kids on my blogand got a few weird comments about their lack of presence.
It's a no-win situation.

If you feel that you should take time away to sort things out,
your readers will be here for you when you return.

You have to understand that you've been talking to us for some time now and you've burrowed your way into our hearts with your stories and frankness.

Lastly, thank you for sharing your stories with us. I know it may sometimes feel like a one-sided relationship, but believe me, your voice is making a difference:)

Much Love,

Learning said...

I read an article that you might appreciate called "The Tyranny of Trends."

It is basically about how we must demand more "slow fashion" and make more eco-friendly choices.

dee said...

I struggle with so much of this, too, Aura. The privacy, the boundaries, the balance. I hope you'll share with us what you learn on your break. It is so hard to know what is best sometimes. Enjoy this time. Hugs to you.

Monique said...

Good for you. So important to step back and take some quiet time to think or create. I agree 100% that Elodie didn't choose to be online and her privacy should be protected. Enjoy your time off and continue to create and be present

Joy said...

I hope you come back soon, as it is obvious that many of us would miss your beautiful words and photos. You inspire me to slow down and enjoy life more; often times I am so caught up with all the things I feel like I "should" be doing rather than just enjoying the people and things most important to me. I hope you enjoy your break. Peace.

Rebecca said...

Aura, your posts are so inspiring. I know you hear it over and over, but you have such a beautiful soul.

I look forward to your posts: your beautiful pictures (Elodie's hand on Michael's arm!), your compelling advice, and your astonishing creativity.

As readers we value your stories, but we also know your stories come from a life well-lived. Your family & life is your priority and we feel privileged to be in on it. Of course we never want you to stop blogging, but we do want you to be you, a whole you.

I envy your ability to step away. If it makes you a better person and makes the lives of your loved ones better, continue doing it.

Have a lovely day! Thank you for sharing.

Alyssa said...

I love your blog
And I understand where you are coming from completely.
Not many people read mine and I like that because I can share my heart and not worry about people trampling on it "just because they think they have the right"
I am a momma too and I think we care even more about people pushing their opinions when we are sharing our sweet precious little ones!

So, do your thing and thanks for sharing so well!


Tessa said...

I am TOTALLY going to build baby Drew a reading nook. What a fabulous idea :)

Megan McCrindle said...

Just found your blogspot on here and I don't have enough good things to say! Your blog is so well-written and serene, you can tell by reading it that you are a woman very much at peace with yourself and the world around you. I honestly feel a sense of peace just reading these. My friend sent me the link and I keep texting her about how I want to move to Oklahoma and grow a garden and sit outside waiting for thunderstorms in my hammock! What an amazing life and it sounds like you've got the perfect perspective to enjoy every minute of it. Thank you for sharing with me!

siniann said...

I really,really do understand this Aura.

Since kid, I was hooked to the computers as my dad is engineer and I got my time with the computer almost daily. When I discovered the world of blogs, I somehow saw that other peoples lifes were amazing, and mine is nothing,boring life. I feel stupid to think that me, my style and lifestyle is nothing and I should live and look like others. This is why I feel bad about the blog world and internet and sometimes want to disconned - then I turn around and again, looking the new inspirations instead of living my life really.

I love your blog, a lot, and you have given me so much inspiration. And I'm dreaming that I could have a "perfect" life like yours, with loads of beautiful things,trips,outdoor things without realising that I can have these if I just close my computer.

I wish you continue this blog, because it is just so lovely. But I hope too to see the same real life in here like in it has been, if it's mess in the pictures or anything, it's life. And I want to be able to close my computer sometimes too :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing post! I've only found you today, and I can't wait to read more. I am going through the same things right now. I went out for an overnight bachelorette party on Saturday night, leaving my two kiddos behind, and I couldn't help but think that I would probably have more fun tucking my kiddos in than watching my friends take shots. :) I think you said it just right, we do change. But we are moving forward. Have a great break!

miriam said...

love your blog, the world how you see it through the lenses, your honesty and your thoughts, love you and your family...! Every your post is for me a time for relax and for reflecting... thank you!

Izziiee said...

Aura! I miss your words! I've been checking this space pretty much everyday to see if you're back. Hope you come back soon:)

Unknown said...

Ahhh... moderation. It's the golden word and the goal to move to with everything in life, isn't it?


Heather said...

Dearest Aura,
I hope you are enjoying your blog break. I'll admit, it's been sad without new words of Aura wisdom; however, it's completely understandable for you to take a break to focus on family and time spent here in blogland. Please don't stop writing or completely stop blogging. As many other blog followers have pointed out, your words always seem to bring me back to what's important. In today's society, where money is SO important and today's economy, where money is so hard to come by, it is easy to lose sight of appreciating life's true beauty. Your writing and pictures do just that for me. They remind me to slow down and enjoy the things that may seem trivial and small. I love your blog, Aura. It's so sad that those who feel the need to blast a blogger with negativity and criticism and those who really want to know more about the person they're following than what's shared can destroy such an amazing space. I ask again though. Please don't stop blogging. Not blowing smoke, but finding your blog, as well as the Lettered Cottage, has changed me as a person. You guys are truly inspirational. Probably more than you know. My husband and I made the decision to uproot and move, so I may finish college (a HUGE goal of mine). This involved leaving a job that paid well. We made this decision after I found your blog. A year later, the position that I left was terminated and the person in it was "let go." Had I not made that leap, my husband and I would be scraping by even more so than we are while I finish school. Thank you. Thank you for your beautiful words and just know that they really do have the power to change a person's life (Sorry, I know that's heavy).
- Heather

white collar | green soul said...

I think you are very right in what you're doing. And taking time to take a breath is never a bad thing. I have never posted photos of myself on my blog b/c my husband is a computer programmer and has an issue with me putting anything personal.

I do sometimes wish I could and I feel like it would allow people to connect with me more, but I definitely see his point.

And the time consuming aspect... oh my gosh. It really does take a tonne of time and I do not blame you for a second.

If you do decide to post anything, I hope it will be a few photos a week, here and there... your photos are beautiful and I always feel a sense of peace from them. You don't even have to say anything if you don't want to. Even though your words are always very eloquent, I will be quite happy with just looking at the photos.

All the best in this thoughtful process!

- agata.

17 Perth said...


Thank you for your honesty and for the updates. Even though I do not have my own blog, I can imagine the time it takes for you to create the beautiful posts that you publish here (and I do enjoy them). But, I agree 100% that this is about you, your husband and your little girl and the life you are creating. I pray that you find some resolution in your thoughts and in your time spent with your family, yourself and your work.

Good luck to you in this venture.....

Anonymous said...

Hello! I was wondering where you were since you hadn't updated, but then I thought of reading the comments (there are usually so many that I tend to skip them).
I've been reading your blog for almost a year, and I love every single one of your posts. However, I'm more of a lurker, I admit I don't leave many comments. This makes me understand completely what you wrote about privacy. I would like to have a public blog (it's up at, but I often don't want to update it, and I'm very careful with the photos I post. Same goes with my Flickr, only the photos not including people are public.
Still, I want to write openly about what I want online. Thus, I have a Livejournal and post only "Friends Only" posts in it.

I also wanted to say how I understand why you want to take a blog break. My son is now 15 months and I can still remember very clearly how things were when he was Elodie's age.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and take care! Hope to hear from/read about you soon!

Henna said...

Hi Aura - I'm a new reader that just discovered your blog, and although you're on a break (which you should - go girl!), I just have to say, I love it. My parents are Pakistani (I was born here) and my husband is also American, and our daughter (now 18 months) has been the light of our lives. You have a great way with words and a great style - I can't wait to catch up on old posts! Hope you are enjoying that little girl of yours! :) - Henna,

From Florida said...

Aura Jooooon! I've missed you...I check back often and eagerly await any post, but especially a garden story. Did your plants survive another year, does Elodie help you pick flowers :), have you found a way to keep Hunter out? lol Your archives have helped a ton and I can't wait to share the "fruits of our labor" in this change of seasons.

Anyway, it seems the world is having withdrawl symptoms from you based on all these comments lol. So I had to share with you how the world has handed you out in small doses lately..."your" Dream song has been everywhere! I've recently become attached to it myself and now it's all around me. Love how that happens. Never realized it was in the movie Bride Wars until I watched it on tv (the devil, I know) the other day. Then of all places it shows up on Flipping Out,(you'd prob be so disappointed in me for wasting my time on this show lol) but it proved worthy that day bc hearing that song reminded me to enjoy the sun while I could seeing as how a nasty storm, later Irene, would be threatening my garden.

And now I've come full circle, my yard's a hot mess a la The Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain, and your lovely colorful pictures of life filled me with hope.

That's all...and thank you :)

p.s. That's not all, I know you're prob curious about the song and tv here are the links ;)

Bride Wars- around the 50 sec mark:

and I'll spare you the entire show, but it came down to this

Anonymous said...

Happy Fall, Aura.

Hope the new season brings new adventures and stories for you and family to share with us. Pretty please? I'm just one of many lurking admirers who miss your updates and wish you well.

Anonymous said...

With September here and the new fall season coming so close I hope to see you back. I miss your way with words and your way of using your photos to tell a story. Come back soon?

Anonymous said...

I miss your blog so much! I completely respect your reasons for a break, but also sincerely look forward to reading your adventures very soon! Your posts are so inspiring, so rich, and remind to LIVE life!

Bethany Susan said...

this made me think and feel so much that this little white comment box cannot do it justice. thank you.

rikshaw design said...

awe...well i just love your reading nook..and seeing bits of rikshaw around her room makes me melt...and you know i love that video!

Sally @ Us+House=Home said...

Missing your beautiful words and photos, Aura. Hope you're well, and stumble across some time to post here again soon.

Anonymous said...

miss you, please come back soon. You are better then any magazine I get and I am in need of some inspiration. thank you for taking the time to share some of your creative with us all.

Kindly Nise

amber said...

okay. you can come back now! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you come back soon -- could you some inspiration :)

all the best, J

hypnotism techniques said...

Nice photographs and it has been a pleasure reading your post from top to bottom.

yours truly, melissa said...

Hope you come back soon! Miss your pretty pictures and stories.

ConnieB said...

I've checked on your blog a few times here and there over the past year or so- found it from a friends suggestion. I honestly came here randomly today - just curious how mommy life is treating you. I'm so glad I did- I have a perspective to share. I think your photos are beautiful and you are such a dreamer so it's so fun to read your thoughts. What I have to say though- is, if you find your spirit pulling you away from the internet... go with it. Don't let hundreds of people beg you to return. Don't let them say they NEED you. Although I do believe people can be touched by the written word, the MOST growth in life is done truly living it.. with the people around you. I've been thinking about this myself- A LOT. What am I doing? Right now kids are in bed, husband is sucked into football. So, I don't feel too horrible. But times where my kids are awake and I waste time mindlessly online? Who am I helping? How important IS it really to share soooo much with others? What do they need it for? If anything I'm creating harm to other's lives because they are being pulled away from their own- just to read about mine. An idea: If documenting is what you love- keep blogging but do it for yourself. Blog stuff that is on a private blog that no one else reads so you can feel fulfilled but without the worry. I dunno... I just find it so empowering when a person WANTS to better their life and they actually do. You would obviously be missed... I mean, you have such a huge following! I just hope you find that balance you need. That's really all that it's about- I started blogging when my baby was your baby's age- now he'll be turning four soon enough. As much as I love the pictures, posts, memories... I regret those moments I made him watch handy manny while I commented on people- or "had" to blog, so go play. I don't know if I would do it all over if I was back to that August day in 2008 when I clicked "create blog" but maybe I would've...

Nikki said...


Everything that you said--I echo it. Life is meant to be lived. You have a way with words, a rich life and a unique eye for it. As I writer I say, if anything, keep writing it for yourself. You're the one living it, nobody else.

Alle said...

I miss u, Aura!

Anonymous said...

Anxiously waiting for a new post from you. I check back almost every day hoping you have graced us with some beautiful photos and kind words. It has been a little over a month since your last post, and I'm wondering if you have decided not to continue blogging. I hope that that is not the case. I'm curious how mommy life has been treating you with little E and if you have already started busting out your fall decorations ;).

I completely understand if you choose not to write here anymore.

But you have changed me as a person, as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife, and as a friend. You have taught me to be ME and to find out who I really am. Words cannot describe the inspiration you have given me. I will be checking back within the next few days in hopes that you will grace us with your wonderful presence.

See you soon?

Anonymous said...


please come back. we are all having withdrawal.



Melissa Blake said...

Aura -- THANK YOU for this! It's so true. And the reading nook is so lovely!

Sara Jane said...

More time for B & L! So excited for you Aura! I love the Peace Tote and heirlooms. Your pictures from the Arts Market and studio are inspiring! I feel this is a season of dreaming and living those dreams. Thank you for sharing about your process and thoughts.

As someone who has considered blogging, it is helpful to learn about your experience and decision regarding privacy.

Thank you!

kindramariex0x said...

I miss your sweet, inspiring words so very much. This post is beautifully written, as is the rest of your posrts. I love when you post the super lengthy ones that take up my whole page - scrolling from top to bottom. I remember sitting in BTA trying to catch up on your pages and wiating ages for all your pictures to appear. Those posts are the best. I hope you are enjoying your hiatus. Hopefully all of you are doing great, and I have no doubt that Elodie continues to grow into a beautiful little girl :) Happy Autumn <3.
Love, Kindra.

nicole said...

Wow! I love the baby's room - so much peace and love shines through in your photos.

I'd love to know more about how you designed the reading nook and the canopy. xo.

Anonymous said...

Please come back. I love your blog and find inspiration in your words. We had our girls two days apart ..I followed your blog throughout my pregnancy and found peace in your blog.

Angela said...


ConnieB said...

Football widow! I love it- I'll have to tell my husband that one (;

kylie said...

love this, aura. such a beautiful post with beautiful stories and photos to document.

merry christmas!

irene said...

hey your blog is great... refreshing and nice... i dont read much... but a year back i had this craze of reading blogs(lasted a month only) and i loved reading your blog... it is very interesting... i would love to travel around just like you do(my dream) but i am still studying... something i will male sure it happens in my life... once i get the cash to do it(work)... but now when i think of reading blogs, yours is the first i click on... although you have taken a break... your old blogs are quite nice as well... i like reading them again... you give a lot of wise advice... thank you! and congrats of being a mom... best blessing to have... everyday there is something new she will surprise you with i'm sure... :)... have a great break anyways....

Brittany said...

i love your blog. like, really really. i love everything you had to say here. about motherhood, about people worrying about the appearance of everything, even about the pho. (do i love pho? it's bordering on lust, actually.) i'm so glad i stumbled across your space. much love! <3

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your site after searching for "reading nooks" on pinterest and a picture of the one you built for you daughter came up. Upon opening the site I saw that your daughter is named Elodie - there sure aren't many out there but that is also the name I chose for my baby girl, who was born November 5, 2011. Little E's of the world unite! Also, your video of her first year really inspired me. We are taking more video now that she is older but I really want to keep up with that. Thanks for such a beautiful post.