Thursday, June 24, 2010

Salt Life - Bits of the Beach.

No more excuses, distractions, or laziness.

We've been home from the beach for a month, and I still haven't posted pictures from our week at the Atlantic.

I love looking through people's vacation photos, and seeing the way the vacationer sees this new world through their eyes.
Most of the time I see the world through my viewfinder, and I have a handful of beach photos to show it. Finally, here they come. Here comes beach week.


Samantha S said...

Is that your bike Aura? I like it alot.

K. Davis said...

I love bikes, and the beach... so this post is candy to my eyes!

siniann said...

What a beautiful picture again. I would love to spend some time at the beach, still haven't got chance to drive there.

How you will celebrate coming midsummer? I wish I could do it in traditional way, with bonfire,sauna,BBQ and swimming in lake :)Soon, counting days to visit the family!

Aura said...

Samantha- I so wish it was. It was chained to a post on the beach for hours while I started at it, daydreaming. Eventually the tide came up really high up to the tires and when I was beach-combing and came back it was gone. I'd love to get a cruiser, but they're so heavy that it would be a bit impractical. But if I lived by the beach I'd love one :)

K.Davis- Me too! We posted up and spent an entire day next to this thing and every time I looked at it, I felt like I was looking at a postcard.

Sini- You guessed it :) We'll spend the 4th of July on the boat at the lake, grilling, and spending time with family. Michael's family lives in a really small town surrounded by country, so when we go there it's like going back to a more simple time. I love it.

Ariella said...

I'd love to see your beach photos!

karen said...

yay beach week, looking forward to seing more beach pics, this first one is stunning

Heather said...

Aura, this picture is absolutely amazing! What camera did you use and what do you do to get the vintage look? Sorry, I'm a newbie to photography :(